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ADV7513 I2S No Audio

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7513

Hi all,

Happy new year! Hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction as I have a feeling I must be doing something wrong...I have a project where I am pulling audio and video from a PS2 console, passing into an FPGA, upscaling & de-interlacing the video to 1080p, 60Hz then outputting to an ADV7513 and over HDMI to the screen.

The video aspect is working perfectly, no issue at all, both when the FPGA is doing heavy lifting and outputting at 1080p or when I set the FPGA to act as a simple pass-through and the video stream is the default 576i from the console. Obviously I adjust the registers within the ADV7513 accordingly for 1080p vs 576i, but I get a proper video signal on screen every time.

The issue is with the audio aspect. The console feeds the audio as I2S format to a DAC and this is where I am tapping into the audio stream, details of which are as follows...

  • LRCLK = 48kHz
  • MCLK = 18.43MHz (384x LRCLK)
  • SCLK = 3.07MHz

From the screen captures below I took from my logic analyser the I2S format appears to be 'Left Justified' and 24-bits wide as shown in Fig 17 of the ADV7513 programming guide (snippet in the 4th image).[

As such, I setup the ADV7513 audio registers as follows (based on info from page 69 to 80 of the Programming User Guide)...

  • Register 0A set to binary value 00000010 / hex value 02 (Auto CTS, I2S data stream & 384x MCLK ratio)
  • Register 0B set to binary value 01101110 / hex value 6E (SPDIF disabled, I2S clock latches on falling edge (see images above) and MCLK is available (not internally generated))
  • Register 0C set to binary value 00000110 / hex value 06 (Use I2S stream sampling frequency, use channel status bits from I2S stream, only I2S pin 0 enabled and left justified mode (based on screen captures above)
  • Register 15 set to binary value 00100000 / hex value 20 (I2S sampling frequency of 48kHz)

The last register (0x15) should not be needed as I have set register 0x0C to use the I2S stream sampling frequency, but I have tried with register 0x15 set and not set, makes no difference.

Despite configuring the registers seemingly correctly there is still no audio at all. I have tested both with the 1080p video feed and the un-tampered 576i video feed in case there was some mismatch preventing it from working. The monitor I am connected to has audio volume set to 50% and outputs audio fine when connected to my laptop.

Link to programming guide for reference...

Anyone have any suggestions?

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