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[ADV7480] EDID 1.4 is not recognized by the PC audio driver

Category: Software


This is confirmed on a prototype board using the ADV7480.

EDID Ver.1.4 is not recognized by the PC audio driver, but EDID Ver.1.3 is recognized.

Please tell me what is causing this.

Best regards.

  • Hi,

      HDMI works with both EDID 1.3 and 1.4 and also note that the difference between EDID 1.3 and EDID 1.4 only affect the VESA block.

      Please let us know, Have you verified the same in back-to-back (direct) Connection?

      Please note that, by using Consumer electronic equipment (Players) or PCs as an HDMI audio/video source can be very difficult since their functionality depends on their settings as well as the HDMI receiver's EDID
      For example everything depends on the source. If the source doesn't get a valid EDID it may just begin transmitting in DVI mode with no audio and no HDCP.

    PC/Laptop generally do not work unless they see a valid EDID & PC will only recognize a sink only when they detect an valid EDID So please make sure whether you are configuring with a valid EDID.
    Please make sure with below when bringing up the board.
    1) Disconnect PC from ADV748x
    2) Run your script
    3) Configure EDID
    5) Plug PC into ADV748x this should cause the PC to read the EDID