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ADV7625 Color Space Converter

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7625


In the ADV7625, the color space of the input video is
RGB444, YCbCr444, YCbCr422
I don't know which one will come in,
I always want the output stage to be RGB_FULL.

IO MAP 0x0C[7:4]
IO MAP 0x0C[3:0]
If each is set to 0x01, will Color Space Convert be performed internally?

that time,
IO MAP 0x09[4]
IO MAP 0x09[1]
should be set to 1 Auto?

  • Hi,

      Please find the below comments,

    RGB444, YCbCr444, YCbCr422
    I don't know which one will come in ?

        HDMI_COLORSPACE (0x53) - This register will provide a readback of the HDMI input colorspace decoded from the AVI infoframe and from this register we can able to know the colorspace of the incoming signal.

        HDMI_COLORSPACE[3:0] tells the RX the expected color space so the automatic color space conversion are done correctly and the stream is processed correctly. The ADV7625 reads and decodes the incoming AVI info-frame to determine what the input color space is.

    0x0c (INP_COLSPACE_MAN_A and INP_COLSPACE_MAN_B) This signal is used to manually set the color space for data path A and data path B

    0x09 (TXA_AUTO_422_FILTER_EN and TXB_AUTO_422_FILTER_EN) This bit is used to enable auto control of the the 444-to-422 and 422-to-444 filters in data path A and data path B.

    Below are the registers we can use it for setting the required colorspace with quantization range.

    Q1Q0 (0x57) - This Register we can used to set the RGB Quantization Range (AVI InfoFrame).                                                              

      00 - Default range

      01 - Limited range

      10 - Full range

      11 - Fixed  

     Y1Y0[1:0] (0x55)   -  This signal is used to set the Output Format (AVI InfoFrame).     

      00 - RGB

      01 - YCbCr 422

      10 - YCbCr 444

      11 - Reserved



  • Hello.
    thank you for your answer.

    0000 - RGB_LIMITED
    0001 - RGB_FULL
    0010 - YUV_601

    It is possible to detect that RGB has entered with this register, How can I distinguish between YCbCr422 and YCbCr444?

  • Hi,

      Apologies for the delayed response, I was on leave.

      We can use below register "VFE_INPUT_ID" to distinguish between YCbCr422 and YCbCr444. Please refer ADV7625_Register_Control_Manual.pdf



  • Hello,

    The register "VFE_INPUT_ID" is an R/W register, but does it mean that it changes depending on the input signal?

  • Hi,

       " VFE_INPUT_ID " register is "Read/Write register" So we can use the register for reading for checking which input signal been connected.

         As per register description, This 'VFE_INPUT_ID' register is used to specify the Video input format.