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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7800BSTZ-150

1. Would it be possible to get the power consumption for IDVDD, IDVDDIO, IPVDD and IAVDD for the 1080p @ 60 images/s (150MHz mode)?

In the DS, table 1, page 4.  We only have up to 78MHz mode.

I will also push my luck, but is there a way to get with this particular use case

1080p @ 60 images/s (150MHz mode)

Only HD component -> parrallel or SD Composite -> parrelel will ever be used (and only one at a time)

No 2D or 3D filtering will be used

No External memory will be needed

2. Any particular sequencing required? 


Serge Lafontaine, Arrow FAE

  • Hi,

        We don't do it for each format.  We don't know that it's linear with pixel clock-- only some of the power consumption is dynamic. We generally recommend people design for the max.  If you want to design for a lesser amount, I'd recommend testing power consumption at that resolution".

       Yes the external memory is required only for 3D comb, DNR, and frame TBC. Memory configuration options for the external SDRAM are provided in Table 51.

        If we are not using such functionality(3D comb) then the external SDRAM memory is not required.

    Any particular sequencing required? 

    The following power on/off sequence is recommended for the ADV7800:
    1. DVDDIO
    2. AVDD
    4. DVDD/PVDD
    As the list indicates, it is recommended that, for example, the DDVDIO_SRAM should power up
    after the AVDD.

    Please refer Page 238 in ADV7800_HW_RevB.Pdf.