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Does AD8196 and AD8197 has retimer function

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8196/AD8197

Dear Sir, do AD8196/AD8197 has the retimer (retiming) function inside?

Or does AD has any 4:1/2:1 with retimer function?


  • Hi,

      AD8196/AD8197 does not support any retimer functionality and also we don't find any part which can support HDMI Switch(4:1/2:1) along with retimer function.

      But you can interface "AD8196/AD8197" part with any retimer chip (PS8419/TMDS181 ). .

      Please refer this thread here one of the customer have been using "TMDS181" retimer.


     Note: AD8197 switching logic has three modes: Quad mode (a quad 4:1 switch) / Dual mode (a dual 8:1 switch), and Single mode (one 16:1 switch).
    The primary function of the AD8197 is to switch one of four (HDMI or DVI) single-link sources to one output.Each HDMI/DVI link consists of four differential, high speed channels and four auxiliary single-ended, low speed control signals.
      Data Rate: Supports 250 Mbps to 2.25 Gbps data rates
      Supports 25 MHz to 225 MHz pixel clocks
      Equalized inputs for operation with long HDMI cables (20 meters at 2.25 Gbps)



  • Hello,

    The AD819x device family do not have retimer circuits. You may browse clock/data recovery or retimer ICs in this link:

    May we know why you need retiming? AD8196 and AD8197 are capable of equalization to compensate for operation with long cables (20 meters at 2.25 Gbps).