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ADV8005 Revision

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV8005


We have been using the ADV8005 KBCZ-8N successfully for many years. We use the 8N version because we need TTL port in and out.

Our last build of boards suddenly do not work. The parts are labeled KBCZ-8N-U1, date code 2139

What does "-U1" mean.

I don't see any mention of a -U1 in the data sheets.

Is there additional programming required to make these parts work?


  • Hi,

      U1 seems like an outdated one, Are you facing any specific output issue with U1 Part? 

      Below are the list of ADV8005 part that are currently under production. Please refer ADV8005 product page.




  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response.

    We exclusively use the TTL port in and out, and it appears that on these particular parts, the TTL port is not working because we have no data coming from the port. The serial communications (I2C) appear to be working because I can perform the memory test.

    Half of our build used an older date code part that did not have the -U1, and all those boards worked correctly. Only the boards with the -U1 parts do not work.

    These -U1 parts have the newest date code (2139) of any parts we have ever used.

    I am concerned that these -U1 parts are a new revision which has yet to be published (everything on the product page is still Rev 0), and require some new registers to be programmed.

    Can you please consult with someone in engineering or manufacturing who would know what the -U1 indicates?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

      Below ADV8005 parts also can support TTL input and Output other than U1 parts,


     Please note "TTL Video, audio, SPI, and interrupt pins disabled by default " so please ensure your driver with respective TTL related registers and refer below snap for your reference,


    Please ensure your software driver at ADV8005-SMZ Video Evaluation Board. We have 1.91 software API and the input TTL configuration is all included in this software.

    Please refer ADV8005 evaluation board software package documents page for documents which is available in same page

    Also our VSP latest software 1.91 have API which has input TTL configuration. Please download the software available at

    Please refer the document ADV8005 simplified software driver apiPr0.1.pdf available at . The simplified API document contain functions to configure TTL as you need.



  • Hi Poornima,

    As I explained earlier, we have been using the ADV8005-8N with TTL in and out successfully for years. This is not our first time programming this part. Our software driver works for all 8N parts we have purchased until now. We know what is required to turn the TTL ports on. That is not the issue.

    The 8N-U1 parts recently manufactured are not working. Something has changed and there has been no documentation released about it. All the documentation you refer to was released years ago, and does not mention the 8N-U1.

    Also, the 8A part is not an option because that requires a Rovi copy protection license in order to purchase that part.

    Again my question is, what does the U1 refer to in the 8N-U1 part, and what programming changes are needed to support it? Someone at Analog Devices should be able to answer that.

  • Hi,

      Let me check with expert about the changes that required to programming the 8N-U1 part and let you know the update on this.



  • Hi Chris,

    For ADV8005, silkscreen/branding with "-U1" indicates that this is a pre-production device and its functionality is not guaranteed.

    I see the following note on our website:

    For full warranty coverage and after-sales support, please ensure ADI
    products are purchased exclusively from Analog Devices, Inc. or from
    the Authorized Distributors listed on this website.

    Discontinued or obsolete ADI products should be purchased exclusively
    from ADI-Authorized Distributor Rochester Electronics.

    I hope this helps. Apologies for the confusion/trouble!


  • Thank you Matt,

    I'll forward this to our supplier.