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Video Decoder Suggestion For 4 Analog Cameras

Category: Hardware
Software Version: Linux

Hello, we will be using 4 analog NTSC cameras and we want a decoder which can split the screen into 1,2 or 4 by choice. Decoder output will be passed to an application process (linux) and application will be surround view so can anyone suggests a decoder that can fit for our needs? Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,

      We don't have any decoder part that can support Split feature for that you would need to split the output by using an external FPGA or Microprocessor.

      Please check with ADV7625(Transceiver) part. It is a high performance, five-input, dual-output, HDMI transceiver with cross-point and splitter capabilities (Same output with both the Tx ports).

      Note: ADI does not have a chip which can take multiple input simultaneously.  This would require multiple ADCs in one package.

      Also ADI does not have a chip that can merges 4 input into one output.  Please look at security surveillance ICs  (CCTV security chips ).