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adv7480: failed to detect hdmi signal

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Product Number: adv748x, adv7480


I am trying to use adv748x linux driver (kernel 5.10.35). On top of the kernel we have modified a  bit to enable configuring tmds as per the recommended settings. This driver was earlier used for adv7482 chip and works fine for the hdmi detection.

I am observing that the regs written are not the same if I try to do readback (reg 5A, 9C), but it is unclear as what these reg means from the hardware manual rev.PrB

It seems to fail to read  hdmi_rx[87]:[2]. As per the "the Poll Reg 0x87[2] in HDMI Rx Map until value read back is 0b1 or timeout occurs. Timeout should occur after at least 100 ms."

Is there any config diff for register compared to ADV7482 and ADV7480?


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