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AHD camera to BT1120

Category: Hardware

Hi, we want to connect 4 AHD (PAL/NTSC) cameras to RK3568 CPU. Is there any IC that convert AHD Camera input to BT1120. Do we need driver? Thanks...

  • Hi,

    Below are the Decoders/Receivers that can support "720P/1080p60(AHD)" to "BT.1120" output.

             ADV7611, ADV7612, ADV7619, ADV7842, ADV7850

    Note: Our HDMI decoders are set by default to output 861D timing but they don't support BT1120 by default. However user may get 1120 timing by outputting AVCODES and manually adjusting timings(SAV/EAV codes) to match the spec.

    Also please note BT1120 will use embedded time codes, you just have to turn them on.  There is a register bit for that. Please search for AV Codes in the hardware guide. The AV code block is used to insert AV codes into the video data stream. The insertion point for the AV codes is predetermined by default and is adjusted automatically to suit the current video standard as per the PRIM_MODE[3:0] and VID_STD[5:0] settings.