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Can the 9984A convert an RGB signal into (3) 8-bit channels, or can it only output in 10-bit?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9984A

I'm trying to design a circuit for converting a simple RGBS or RGB HS VS input to HDMI output. I've already found a feasible HDMI transmitter (ADV7513), but I am struggling to find a suitable 8-bit ADC that is current and not end of life.

I've stumbled upon the AD9984A, but I don't know if it can output an 8-bit signal. Can it? Thank you.

  • Hi,

      I beleive, ADV7280A can meet your requirement it will convert RGB signal into 8 bit output. Please refer below snap for your reference.


    Please note  "ADV7403 & ADV7181c support SOG & HS,VS pin support but the output pixel bus rate is 30bit for ADV7403 & ADV7181C is 20 bit pixel bus. 


     • When processing component video signals, there are three possible sources for synchronization
    information from which the ADV7181C can extract timing:
    • Embedded Sync as part of the input video signal, e.g. SOG/SOY
    • External HS and VS as logic signals via HS_IN and VS_IN pins
    • External CS (composite sync) as logic signal, via the HS_IN pin
    Please refer Page62 in ADV7181C Manuals.



  • Thanks so much for responding.

    I have an analog R-G-B input (stream) that is already 8-bit per stream. I need to convert that analog stream into a digital one (3 channels @ 8-bit each) that can be understood by an HDMI transmitter such as the ADV7513. The AD9983, AD9983A, AD9985, and AD9985A do this perfectly. I'll just stick to the AD9985A. Thanks for your input! I welcome any suggestions as this is not my wheelhouse.