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ESR for ADV7180WBST48Z

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7180WBST48Z

Hello, I will be using ecs-286.3-10-37 crystal with ADV7180WBST48Z. In the application note for ADV7180 it says, recomended ESR should be smaller than 30 ohms. But my crystal has 60 ohm ESR. Is it going to be a problem for my design? Should I change the crystal? Thank you in advance.
Link to the appication note for ADV7180 and link to my crystal datasheet.

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  • First of all, thank you for your help. I am not going to be using series resistor and I couldn't be able to find the transconductance value (gm) of this IC so I can calculate gain margin can you help me with that? Secondly finding a crystal ranges between -40 and +85 with 50 ppm also having 30 ohms ESR is really hard to find so do you have a suggestion for crystal (any brand/variant) or using this crystal which has 60 ohm ESR would work?