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Does ADV7482 support below design?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7482
Software Version: None

According to the ADV7482 data sheet <ADV7482.pdf>, the product support two MIPI CSI ,TX-A is 4 Lane and TX-B is 1 Lane。The MIPI TX-A  (4 Lane) support to output the input sources from HDMI/SDP/digital, but when i check the document <ADV7482 Required Settings>  from url “”, there is no settings for "Analog YPrPb to TX-A *" or "Analog CVBS to TX-A *", can you provide the  setting for these cases?


  • Hi,

    Please configure the below control registers for routing the data from Analog SDP to MIPI CSI-TXA (4-lane Tx),

    1. csi4_in_sel[1:0], IO Map, Address 0x10[3:2]
    This control is used to select the signal routed to the 4-lane MIPI CSI transmitter.

    To configure which data is routed to the 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 Tx (SD block, CP block or TTL input), the user must set the csi4_in_sel[1:0] control but careful attention should be paid to the formatting of the data routed to the MIPI CSI-2 Tx.

    2. csi4_en, IO Map, Address 0x10[7]
    This control is used to enable the 4-lane MIPI CSI transmitter

    3. num_lanes[2:0], CSI-TXA Map, Address 0x00[2:0]
        This control can be used to program the number of active lanes of the CSI Tx.

     Note: ADV7481 and the ADV7482 feature MIPI CSI-2 transmitters; CSI-TXA and CSI-TXB. Both are capable of sending serialized MIPI CSI-2 data and differ in only one primary characteristic: CSI-TXA can support four lanes of MIPI video data whereas CSI-TXB can support only one lane of MIPI video data.