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[ADV7280] how to improve video quality

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7280

Dear all,

using a color bar pattern generator, we inject the CVBS signal to AIN1 port of the ADV7280.

The digitalized signal is get by an iMX6 solo processor.

From the attached video, we can see some flicker and noise on the color bar.

How can we improve this image?

  • Hi,

    Please make sure whether ADV7280-M is programmed correctly with ADI recommended I2C writes,
    Also make sure the power rails to the ADV728x are clean and stable.
    Please ensure with good ground connections on the board i. ground plane.

    Note: "ADI recommended Write" - if those writes are not included, the part would not work reliably (unless those values are default anyway). Those registers are generally internal settings that let us handle process variation which is why they are determined during characterization. The settings that show up as "ADI Recommended Settings" are the values that work reliably across voltage and temperature. They really should be called "ADI Required setting.

    In this applications note AN-1337 at AN-1337 with covers most of the issues that customers encounter when interfacing the ADV728x-M family of parts with MIPI receivers.