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ADV7403 4 PAL/NTSC Input and Output in BT656 format

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7403


I have an FPGA system, where I need 4 PAL/NTSC input to the ADV7403 chip and 1 output ( 8bit ) in BT656 format to FPGA.

Is it possible to have multiple inputs to ADV7403 and get all of them in a single 8-bit digital output as a BT656 format?

I have only 10 input signals from the ADV7403 to the FPGA ( 8bit Data, Field ID, and CLK).

Since we have limited I/Os we need to have a chipset that could do this operation.

I have added an image for your reference.

Also, suggest to us any other chipset which could do this.

Thanks and Regards,
Kausthubha K

  • Hi,

      ADV7403 has an integrated analogue muxing section, which allows more than one source of video signal to be connected to the decoder .
      ADC_SW analog muxing is used to choose more than one source of video signal to be connected to the decoder.  

      Also this ADV7403 part can support AIN pins upto "AIN1 to AIN12".

      Please note ADI does not make multiple input simultaneously video decoder. This would require multiple ADCs in one package and some form of pixel bus multiplexing to get the data out.
      As far as all analog video decoders can only select (and thus output) one stream at a time.
      If a project requires multiple video streams simultaneously, they will need multiple video decoders.




  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply. It's clear now.