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ADV8005 Tx register setting

Category: Software
Software Version: N.A.

Hi all:

We meet an issue about ADV8005 TX control.

Our connection is ADV7612-->ADV8005-->Scaler in our monitor design.

When FW detects no input from ADV7612, FW will disable ADV8005 Tx clock output. FW will not power down Tx block.

The Tx clock disable register is 0xECE8 bit4. This register is only explained in ADV8005 sample code, there is no description in ADV8005 Software Reference Manual.

Sometimes, the Tx clock disable control does not work. the register setting is correct. But Tx is still output.

When this symptom occurs. I enable and disable Tx clock output again. The Tx is really disable.

I want to confirm:

1. Does anyone have a similar issue?

2. We don't power down Tx, we only disable Tx clock, is it OK?