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AD9984A Charge Pump Current Register

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9984A

Dear Sir,

Could you please tell us about Charge Pump Current register value(Address:0x03)?

We refered recommendation "Charge Pump Current value" on Datasheet of Table10 and Design support file"0830.attachment.xls".

These some value are different datasheet Table10 from "0830.attachment.xls".

 For example,

[1080i 60Hz]

Datasheet Tabel10 : Current value=101b

"0830.attachment.xls": Current value=011b


Datasheet Tabel10 : Current value=101b

"0830.attachment.xls": Current value=100b

Which datasheet or "0830.attachment.xls"  is correct register value?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Isshin Kida 

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