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[ADV7482/ADV7511] About HDMI certification

Category: Software


I am considering a system equipped with ADV7482 and ADV7511.

The ADV7482 only supports the resolution of input video from HDMI devices at 1280x720p@30fps.

Also, the audio sampling frequency supports only 48kHz.

The ADV7511 inputs RGB666 and outputs HDMI only at 1280x720p@30fps.

Is it possible to obtain HDMI certification even if only one type of resolution is supported in this way?

Also, is it possible to obtain HDMI certification with a fixed resolution even with the repeater function?

Best regard.

  • Hi,

      HDMI Certification/Compliance is not related with any resolution & We are doing the compliance testing only for validating the part but not based on any features.

      Plesae note ADV7482 part can support upto 162 MHz maximum pixel clock frequency, allowing HDTV
    formats up to 1080p and display resolutions up to UXGA (1600 × 1200 at 60 Hz) but you have mentioned like, It will support only1280x720p@30fps.

     I believe, Single audio output interface port support sample rate upto 192khz but this is not mentioned in datasheet and 48 kHz is for 8-channel TDM output data.

    Also we compliance tested this part using our reference board during initial chip release.