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[ADV7482] About audio information of HDMI input

Category: Software


I understand that I probably can't do the following two things, but let me check it just in case.

1) Is it possible to set the ADV7482's connection destination HDMI device to accept only 48kHz sampling frequency audio?

 Is it possible to set 48kHz 2ch downmix adjustment from ADV7482 to HDMI equipment?

2) If 1) is not possible, can ADV7482 downmix audio data?

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  • Hi Tatsuya San,

       Please find the below comments,     

     EDID (In CEA Extension Audio Data block) - In EDID We can limit the frequency(audio sampling rate) to 48khz, So the source can understand the sink EDID capability (ADV7482).

     Down Mix - None of our HDMI parts can do downmix or process audio in any way.

                          Please note, the audio is just pass through from source to sink.