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How to use ADV8005?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV8005


How is the ADV8005 used?

The connection is configured as shown in the figure.

I would like to know how to configure the ADV8005 to display images on the display.
I have set up the ADV8005 in the following order, but the images do not appear on the display.

1. Start the power supply in the order of 3.3V → 1.8V according to the datasheet.
2. Set register 0x1A03 to 0x66 (connect TX core and RX core).
3. Set registers 0xEC17[1] and 0xF417[1] to 1 (set aspect ratio to 16:9).
4. wait for HPD & camera signal.
5. Read the camera's AVIINFOFRAME.
6. Write the camera's AVIINFOFRAME to the TX core.
7. Set register 0xECAF[1] to 1 (HDMI output mode).
8. Set registers 0xEC41 and 0xFC41 to 0x10 (TX core power on).

This is the first time to use this IC, so I do not understand how to use it.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong or missing.



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