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Latency (preferably glass-to-glass) ADV7482

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7482


I was reading the thread  [ADV7482] Time (Latency) from input to output of Video.. However, it is not clear to me how much glass-to-glass latency  I can expect. I would like to implement the following system:

  1. A SoC receives on its CSI interface and using the adv7482 the video of an external source outputting via HDMI.
  2. The SoC receives the video, ecnodes it and immediately passes it to a network pipe.
  3. The SoC transmits the video via LAN to another network end.

I want to estimate the glass-to-glass latency. I know approximately my SoC can encode HD video at around 50ms, and the network conditions are good, which will not introduce more than 10ms. The above mentioned thread says 100ms is expected from input to output with HDMI. Then, my glass-to-glass latency would be expected at >150ms? After reading that this latency when a camera is connected via CSI to a Jetson Nano can be around 60ms. I am doubting that 100ms is a realistic value. Has somebody tested this or have an idea about how low to expect?