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ADV7341 application problems 1

Adv7341 chip is used to output color stripe video. The oscilloscope collects and outputs waveforms where the positive level at the lowest point is not the negative level. According to the manual, the minimum level of waveform is -300mv. The lowest level of our output waveform is 0mV. How to adjust the lowest level of output waveform from 0mV to -300mv?

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  • Hi,

      Please configure the 0x32(ED/HD CGMS) register as 0x40 (Enabling 6th bit to 1) and let us know the result.

    Note: ADV7343 support a copy generation management system (CGMS) in 625p mode in accordance with IEC62375 (2004).
    When ED CGMS is enabled (Subaddress 0x32, Bit 6 = 1), 625p CGMS data is inserted on Line 43. 625p CGMS data registers are at Subaddress 0x42 and Subaddress 0x43.

    Please refer Page no: 76 in ADV734x datasheet for different mode of CGMS mode.



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