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video decoder recommendation required

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7282

Our Display accept PAL(CVBS) input, so suggest us the board which gives output as PAL signal (It will get displayed on our screen)


     Part no : ADV7282 (Do not have CVBS OUTPUT)


  1. does the part have  on screen display (Text overlay) feature. 

3.  Our requirement in brief: We have 3 camera, the feed of the these camera to be overlaid with some information (Text or Image, logo) and display it on the screen, Only one camera feed is to be displayed at time. Kindly suggest suitable IC / evaluation board

  • Hi,

       ADV7282(ADC) part does not support CVBS output.

       To support this, We can use ADV8005 part and it features a high speed digital-to-analog video encoder.

       Six 12-bit NSV, 3.3 V Video DACs provide support for worldwide composite (CVBS), S-Video (Y/C), and component (YPrPb/RGB) analog outputs in SD, ED, or HD video formats.
      Multiformat video output support: Composite (CVBS), S-Video (Y/C), component YPrPb (SD, ED and HD), and component RGB (SD, ED and HD).

       Same part(ADV8005) can support OSD overlay also.

       For OSD overlay - We can use "ADV7623 / ADV7625 / ADV8003 / ADV8005".