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Script file for generating free running 24bit RGB data using ADV7842

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7842


We are using ADV7842 IC for generating 24bit Digital RGB data, Now we require to generate 24bit RGB data with out giving any source to ADV7842.

Is there any script file for generating RGB data with a resolution of 720x576(50Hz), If available please share with us.

Thanks & Regards,
Mallikarjuna B,

  • Hi,

      Please configure below register,

      Note "DIS_AUTOPARAM_BUFF" bit controls this free run option. If this bit is set to 1,
    PRIM_MODE[3:0], VID_STD[5:0], and V_FREQ[2:0] parameters must be set according to the required resolution for free run.

     Kindly configure suggested register and let us know the free run result.

    Also please refer this FAQ  Documents