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[ADV7613] Test conditions of output low voltage.

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7613


I have a question about the test conditions of output low voltage of ADV7613.

Could you tell me the "IOL" condition when VOL = 0.4V?
In another words, the customer wants to know the specification of IOL when VOL=0.4V.

There is a description on the ADV7613 datasheet page 4 as follows:
But there is no description of the condition of "IOL" on the ADV7613 datasheet.

By the way, there is "IOL" condition on the ADV7482 datasheet as follows:
The ADV7482 datasheet says "ISINK = 3.2 mA" is the condition for VOL = 0.4V.

Can the "ISINK = 3.2 mA" be also applied to ADV7613?

Thank you!
Best regards.

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