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How can I use my ADV7611?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7611

Hi, I want to use the ADV7611 for my Touchpanel called (Hyperpixel 4.0-Touch).

The Panel needs RGB666 and has VSYNC,HSYNC and Pixelclock and the resolution is 800x480px with 60 frames per second.

My goal is, to connect my Raspberry Pi over HDMI to the ADV7611 and from there, i want to convert the HDMI to RGB666 as described.

Now my question: Is it possible to use the panel in my planned configuration?

Is there any schematic of how i have to use the ADV7611 in my case?

I've seen, that the ADV7611 could be connected at the I2C interface, what can i do with it? Do i have to configure some software stuff to use py Panel with the ADV7611?

Or are there any better converter IC's which are a better for my used case.