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How can I use my ADV7611?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7611

Hi, I want to use the ADV7611 for my Touchpanel called (Hyperpixel 4.0-Touch).

The Panel needs RGB666 and has VSYNC,HSYNC and Pixelclock and the resolution is 800x480px with 60 frames per second.

My goal is, to connect my Raspberry Pi over HDMI to the ADV7611 and from there, i want to convert the HDMI to RGB666 as described.

Now my question: Is it possible to use the panel in my planned configuration?

Is there any schematic of how i have to use the ADV7611 in my case?

I've seen, that the ADV7611 could be connected at the I2C interface, what can i do with it? Do i have to configure some software stuff to use py Panel with the ADV7611?

Or are there any better converter IC's which are a better for my used case.


  • The ADV7611 converts serial HDMI signals into a parallel bus.  It can do color space conversion.  It cannot do timing conversion.  So for you I would do:

    Source HDMI 800x480p60 HDMI -> ADV7611 -> 800x480p60 RGB888, strip off the lower 2 bits and feed the remaining RGB666 into the display. 

    I2C is used to configure the ADV7611 for operation.  In you case I think it would only be needed fir initialization on power up and then everything should work just fine.

     For a schematic reference the EVAL-ADV7612-7511 eval. board.  same die are 7611, just different pinout.

     Advantiv EVAL-ADV7612-7511 Video Evaluation Board 

    Scripts are provide for configuration

  • thanks for your answer. Which impact does timing conversion have? Which disadvantage do i have without timing conversion? whats the impact on my schematic?

  • Regarding timing for the ADV7612, what goes in is what comes out, so your source must match the required sink timing format.  It can change the color space and bus widths.  It should not have any impact on your schematic

    BTW when you get your schematic and layout done we can review it as a double check.

  • PDF

    I downloaded the upper schematic to create my own. I have a few unsolved questions where I need some help:

    - Is it possible to use the 5Volts from the HDMI to supply my 5V touchscreen? The screen takes around 200mA.

    - In the example, the I2C data lines on the HDMI connector are in the same cable bunde, isn't it important to put 5V and GND between SDA and SCL?

    - If i use the ADV7611 as in my main question described, do i need to use "CEC" and Hotplug detect? How does this affect hard- and software?

    - On the page of the 1.8V and 3.3V regulators, there are some low pass filters out of inductors and capacitors. Do I place these filters near the regulators or the supply of my ADV7611?

    - There is a circuit out of two mosfets, which short the Hotplug detect to GND, which should only be inserted if no external EDID is used. do i have EDID?

    I'm sorry for so much questions... hopefully, someone can answer these


  • 1) By spec. the HDMI cable is only required to provide 50mA if 5V. In practice it can often supply more.  So powering your sink from it is up to you and source dependent.

    2) SDA & SCL are slow lines so it doesn't really matter where they run.  Besides the spec calls for them to be on the HDMI cable.

    3) You can ignore CEC.  Hot plug detect just tells the 7611 and it's host that something has just been plugged in.  You can bypass it in software

    4) The filters can be place close to the chip.

    5) Does your source need an EDID to operate, if it does the 7611 has internal EDID memory for that.