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Input Source Color Space of ADV7611

Category: Software


I am using ADV7611 HDMI receiver in our custom board , in that we are dynamically changing input source RGB or YCbCr color space and convert to output YCbCr format.

Any ADV7611 register set is available to check the input source is RBG or YCbCr.

Would you please give me some suggestions?

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  • The ADV7611 differentiates between DVI input and HDMI input by the existence of the AVI Infoframe.  If The AVI infoframe is present the the input is HDMI.  DVI is spec'd only to carry RGB while HDMI can carry RGB or YCbCR.

    Bits Y0,Y1  of the AVI infoframe define the input color space.  

    Read the HDMI block HDMI_COLORSPACE[3:0] address 0x53 to get the input color space derived from the infoframe