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ADV7800_1080p_10bit Resolution Support

Dear Sir

We study ADV7800 to use 1080p or less than resolution.

We checked the datasheet.

We understand that ADV7800 can support 1080p59.94/60Hz.

But we have some question about ADV7800 performance at 1080p resolution.

1. Depth 10bit support.

There are description that ADV7800 support 8bit at "BSL 150MHz". 

Can ADV7800 support 10bit depth color at 1080P50/59.94/60Hz?


2. Support Output Dot Clock

We would like to use the format 1080i/50Hz/59.94Hz and 1080p50/59.94Hz.

These format clock is as follows.





Can ADV7800 support to output these Clock by internal   PLL?

BR Kida

  • Hi,

      ADV7800 analog front end comprises four 10-bit with maximum pixel clock rate of 150 MHz Noise Shaped Video® ADCs1 that digitize the analog video signal before applying it to the SDP or CP, So it cannot support "1080p60 10bit" since it will exceed maximum pixel clock supported by ADV7800(150Mhz).

    Can ADV7800 support to output these Clock by internal  PLL?

          Please refer "Table 8: PLL Recommended Settings for SD, PR, and HD Modes"  for 1080P/1080i at Vertical Frequency  of 60Hz and 50Hz (Hardware Manual Page 35).


      Generally Pixel clock can be calculated by using below formula,

         Pixel clock= Horizontal total pixels * Vertical total pixels * vertical frequency



  • Dear Poorinima-san,

    Noted, thank you for your reply.

    And I undestadn your general advice for this pixel clock caliculation.

    Thanks and BR Kida 

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