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Question about using ADV7842 & ADV7513


My customer are considering to use ADV7842 + ADV7513 devices for implementing Analog (VGA,S-Video, C-Video) to HDMI solution.

She used AD9984 with manual PLL setting method, so she use timing table with scaler device.

Q1) Does  ADV7842 have the function of input mode auto detection (auto frequency and auto phase)?

Q2) Or shoul she do same operation with AD9984?

Q3) Does ADV7842 have the function of auto format detection about SD input (CVBS/S-Video)?

Q4) Or should she do manual settings of ADV7842  about about SD input (CVBS/S-Video)?

Q5) Do you have any recommended solution about  implementng Analog (VGA,S-Video, C-Video) to HDMI solution?


Please let me know.



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