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About AP1_OUT of ADV7625


Please tell me about ADV7625.

I set the AP1_OUT port pins individually using the tristate_ap1_out_x [7:0] control register.

I'd like to use the AP1_OUT4 port, but the port couldn't communicate as I2S data.

The AP1_OUT port 0 and 1 were working as I2S data and I could measure their waveform.

Could you help me?

Best Regards


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  • Hi,

      In Eval board i have not get any chance to verify but in Melody boards we are using ADV7625 part .

      In Melody boards, We have verified 'MCPCM to Compressed streams' using ADV7625 chip. So I am sure our ADV7625 part can support 4xI2S.

      Please make sure, Whether you are pumping multichannel stream ?

      Also make sure whether you have the enabled the register as "Audio from HDMI Rx1" (i.e if  source is connected to RX1)