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About AP1_OUT of ADV7625


Please tell me about ADV7625.

I set the AP1_OUT port pins individually using the tristate_ap1_out_x [7:0] control register.

I'd like to use the AP1_OUT4 port, but the port couldn't communicate as I2S data.

The AP1_OUT port 0 and 1 were working as I2S data and I could measure their waveform.

Could you help me?

Best Regards


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  • Hi,

      We have been using ADV7625 part in Melody boards and in that board we could acheive the 8 channel output by using ADV7625 part.

       For your reference will prob in our Eval ADV7625 board and share you the pin details.

      J10 connector pinout is something like DSP(SHARC) processor connection.