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ADV7604 Temperature surface

Hi ADI expert,

According to ADV7604 datasheet in the package thermal performance section, the temperature formula as blow, so I would like to calculate Ts maximum limited.

Tj=125 degree.

T Ambient =70 degree max.

Wtotal = (1.8Vx88.2mA)+(0.05x3.3Vx204.5mA)+(1.8Vx121.9mA)+(1.8Vx258.3mA)+(1.8Vx303.7mA)+(3.3Vx167mA)=1.975W

TJ 125C = Ts+(0.3Cx1.975W); Ts is 124 degree.

Since to T junction 125 and T ambient 70 value is huge difference between them, T surface result seems not right.

Any wrong for this calculation?


Best regards.