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ADV7611 SDR 444 YCbCr out


I think ADV7611 supports SDR 444 YCbCr out with following setting

IO Address 0x03 OP_FORMAT_SEL ; 0x40

IO Address 0x02[1] RGB_OUT=0(default)

but this is not listed on PIXEL OUTPUT FORMATS in APPENDIX C, UG-180. ADV7611 Reference Manual (Rev. D) (

Could you clarify pixel output pin assignment for SDR 444 YCbCr?



  • Hi Tomoto San,

            Please note the output pixel format depends on the settings for OP_FORMAT_SEL and on OP_CH_SEL.

            Example OP_FORMAT_SEL selects the data format('OP_FORMAT_SEL = 0x40' selects SDR4:4:4 video out ) & OP_CH_SEL selects configuration of the Pixel bus.

    For example, when OP_FORMAT_SEL[7:0] = 0x40, and OP_CH_SEL = 011 then,

    SDR 444 YCbCr:

           P[23:P16] <= Cr Bus

           P[15:8] <= Y Bus

            P[7:0] <= Cb Bus