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Tolerance to noise of I2C pins of ADV7282A-M.


I have a question about tolerance to noise of I2C pins of ADV7282A-M.

Does ADV7282A-M have a function for canceling noise to I2C SCLK pin in order to avoid false I2C operation?
For example, is there a function that ADV7282A-M ignores clock pulse to I2C SCLK pin when the clock pulse number is lower than fixed criteria?

My customer uses ADV7282A-M for their project.
He supposes when a glitch pulse occurs in the rising edge of the I2C SCLK by crosstalk from the other signal,
he wants to know whether ADV7282A-M can keep working correct or not.
So he asks this question.

Thank you!
Best regards.

  • The I2C inputs have 0.4V hysteresis levels from 0.8V - 1.2V.  If glitches are causing problems then I'd try:

    1) Fix layout to reduce crosstalk.

    2) Decrease pull up resistor on SCLK line to make the pull up stronger. This would reduce any crosstalk coupling.

    3) Add 22pF cap on SCLK line to absorb crosstalk glitches.

  • Hi, GuenterL,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Actually, there are no problem on the customer's board now.
    He just wants to know the performance (tolerance) to noise of I2C pins.

    Is only 0.4V hysteresis the function for noise which ADV7282A-M has?
    Does ADV7282A-M have any other function for canceling noise to I2C SCLK pin?
    Even if ADV7282A-M doesn't have other function, it's OK.
    I tell only 0.4V hysteresis to the customer, then I suppose this is closed.

    Thank you!
    Best regards.

  • The 0.4V hysteresis was pulled from the data sheet.  There's no other type of deglitcher on the pin.

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