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ADV7281-M image too dark or too bright and analog noise


We are using the ADV7281-M in a custom implementation.

Sometimes the Image is way too bright, sometimes the Image is way too dark. This occurs even without us changing anything like Brightness over V4L2. Is there something we can tune to optimize this? Maybe some AGC or something similar which we should disable or change?

Attached you'll find a sample of the Image normal, Image too dark and Image too bright. Even when the Image is normal, there is Analog noise in the Image.

The only thing to capture these three Images was to reopen the V4L2 Device a few times and/or unplug/plugin the whole System (ADV7281-M + Raspberry Pi CM4) to Power. The Input Video Signal wasn't changed.

Software wise, we are using a Raspberry Pi CM4 with this Driver implementation and overlay. I'm not sure if all Initialization Parameters are correct. We don't change Brightness or anything else over V4L2 yet:


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