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[ADV7482] How to use CP_BRIGHTNESS[7:0] in RGB output mode?


My customer would like to adjust CP_BRIGHTNESS register in ADV7482 in RGB output mode.

But unfortunately it does not work well.

If set 0x3C(CP_BRIGHTNESS) = 0x14, whole image was getting green when original image was gray scale.

brightness should affects only luminance, not color.

I also found similar Question on this EZ below.

but a conclusion of this post was not solved its problem.

CP_MODE_GAIN_ADJ will work like contrast, NOT brightness. (black level is not changed with CP_MODE_GAIN_ADJ)

My customer would like to know how to adjust brightness in RGB output mode.]

I checked all registers in CP block but there is no solution. 

Would you please advise me?

Customer's Condition:

 Input format YPbPr 709

 Output format RGB

 csc_coeff_sel[3:0]=1111:CP CSC configured in automatic mode.

 vid_adj_en=1:Enable color controls

 cp_inp_color_space[3:0]=1111:In HDMI/MHL mode, input color space depends on color space reported by HDMI/MHL block.

 cp_rgb_out=1:RGB color space output

 csc_coeff_sel_rb[3:0]=0011:YPbPr 709 to RGB