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ADV7282-M & ADV7282A-M

Which are the differences between ADV7282-M and ADV7282A-M?

from the datasheet point of view except for the IDENT code the devices are quite the same.


Fabrizio Erario

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  • Hi,
     The only differences between the ADV728x parts and the ADV728xA parts are as follows:
        The crystal circuit
        The silicon revision ID
    As you are probably aware, the ADV728xA parts have been released to offer increased support for external crystal oscillators. The new products are recommended and should be adopted in your customer's next design cycles for maximum robustness. The parts are software and pin-out compatible with the existing devices (ADV7280A has the same pin-out as ADV7280 and is software compatible with the ADV7280 with the exception of an updated IDENT code ).
    An additional resistor is required in the crystal circuit. The silicon revision ID was updated to differentiate between the different version of ADV728x and ADV728xA.