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ADV7511W-PLL is not getting Locked


I am using 3 ADV7511W ICs on my board. I am using 16 bit data lines for YCbCr data transmission. Out of three ICs on the board, for one ADV7511 IC I am not getting the output. When we read the registers we got to know that register 0x9E is 0 i.e PLL is not getting locked. I checked the REXT resistor value. The resistance is 886ohm.I have also probed and checked for the noise in PVDD PLL power supply. The ripple looks within the acceptable limits. The hardware design used for all three ICs are same. Same issue is observed in all the boards. Each board has one ADV7511 IC were PLL is not locked and remaining two ICs are working fine.

Can you please let me know what may be the reasons why PLL is not getting locked.

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Oct 20, 2021 in reply to Shifali +1 verified

Does the non-working device response to I2C reads and writes correctly.  If not it maybe a bad exposed pad connection to ground

At this point all I can suggest without having a board to probe is:

1) The…