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how to convert RGB RAW to DVI ?


i am not familure in Video.. (working on it.. :-)

i need to convert RGB RAW (i guess its RGB888) to DVI (not hdmi to avoid licensing cost (such as TFP410)  

thanks in advance


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  • Regarding HDMI, if your design has an HDMI connector or any reference to HDMI, i.e. logo or verbiage  then you will probably need to get an HDMI license.  Don't use HDMI connects, logo or say you are HDMI compliant you should be OK.

    DVI and HDMI use the same TMDS signaling except HDMI carries info frames.  If the signal has info frames then it's an HDMI signal.  DVI is just a straight RGB copy of the source.  

    The ADV7511 will transmit DVI, just don't turn on any info frames and put it in RGB mode only.

    The ADV7511-P part does not have a HDCP encryption key so there are no HDCP licenses required.  In general the HDCP people require licenses if you use a HDMI receivers with keys.  Encrypting video with transmitters are not an issue.  Again for DVI, if you get a transmitter with keys, just don't turn them on.

    Disclaimer: Please verify all HDMI and HDCP licensing issues with the HDMI and HDCP organizations directly, those statements above are just my opinion. 

    I assume RGB RAW is just RGB888.  RGB888 is a 24 bit bus.  RGB565 is a 16 bit subset of RGB888 where you throw away 3 bits of red and blue and 2 bits of green.  You lose color information but gain a narrower bus width to work with.

    For the ADV7511P we have evaluation boards, software tools and scripts to work with.  They can be found here.

  • Wow !!  

    i feel really lucky that you found me.. helping & explaining.    Thanks so much !!    

    (Are you an Analog team person.. ?) 

    So, i adopt your advice which using ADV7511P is the right pick for converting RGB RAW (which is probabely RGB888) to DVI. 

    ill check cost, licesing and get into it.
    I really appriciate if i can contact  you again, i case i will have implementation difficulties.

    thank you, thank you & thank you.. !!


  • Thanks,

    Copy the reference schematics / layouts and you should be fine.  

    The second link has some generic useful information.

    This forum also has lots of information on the ADV7511.

    (Analog team???) I am an Analog employee and we all work as a team. :)

    I'll be here to answer questions and review schematics/layouts.