ESD Protection for CVBS Signal


I am using ADV7393 for generate CVBS output. I can not see any suggestion about ESD protection of this signal?

Can I use TVS for CVBS signal? Can you suggest tvs for this kind of application.


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    on Oct 13, 2021 1:05 PM

    Generally ESD protection is more critical for high impedance inputs.  For outputs the ESD hits will be blocked or absorbed by the 75 Ohm series or load resistor.  Any good low capacitance TVS will work.  Just keep in mind depending on your output buffer design, the CVBS signal might go below ground and you do not want to clip off the sync pulses with ESD protection devices.

    There are many vendors of TVS devices.  My usual go to is Semtech with devices like the uClamp0821P.  This is basically a back-back zeners which won't clip off sync pulses if your design has them