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ADV7403 register configuration for STANAG 3350 CLASS B/C Video Signals


I have the following requirements for ADV7403:

I/P Video - STANAG 3350 with Sync On Green as Input to the Chip.

1)720x576i @ 50/25Hz(Class B)video resolution, Interlaced video input,RGB(STANAG Class B)
2)720x480i @ 60/30Hz(Class C)video resolution, Interlaced video input,RGB(STANAG Class C)

O/P Video - 16bit YCbCr 4:2:2 as output from the chip.

Hardware Connections:
We have custom hardware with ADV7403 chip whose input channel configuration for RGsB is given below

Ain1 - G and SOG
Ain2 - B
Ain3 - R

Could you please provide the Script for the above configurations?

Also could you please let me know the values to be set for PRIM_MODE, INSEL, SDM_SEL, and VID_STD for the above configurations?

I want to know how to configure ADV7403 to accept RGsB at Ain1, Ain2, and Ain3? What should be the channel settings for the same?

Waiting for a quick response since it is very critical for us to proceed further.

Thank you.

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