Audio into ADV7842/ADV7511 evaluation board

The last hurdle is audio. Can you tell me how to bring audio into the ADV7842/ADV7511 evaluation board?

 Requirements are:-

  1) to digitize anlogue stereo audio (RCA connections and leads to i2s for input to the 7511.
  2) to record the analogue audio at up to at least 96khz/24 bit and 192khz/24bit if possible

  3) to convert digital optical audio (s/pdif) to I2S for input into the 7511. The source for this will be my laserdisc player which has an optical out connection. This in turn depends on whether I elect to use the laserdiscs analogue or digital audio channels and output connections. These channels are selectable from the laserdisc players remote. I have yet to decide on whether i want to use analogue or digital from my laserdisks.      

I have investigated i2s and it looks like there are problems with it on PCB to PCB conncetions. I am interested to hear what you say on this.

I have looked over your ADAU1761 chip - its a DAC as well as an ADC. I am just looking into DACs. Shall look into your ADAU1761 further.

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