ADV7403 Register Values for RGB Input and YUV 16bit 4:2:2 output


I have a following script for a RGB input and YUV 422 output. 

Reg Address Reg Data
0x52 0x00
0x53 0x00
0x54 0x07
0x55 0x0C
0x56 0x94
0x57 0x89
0x58 0x48
0x59 0x08
0x5A 0x00
0x5B 0x68
0x5C 0x81
0x5D 0x00
0x5E 0x19
0x5F 0x04
0x60 0x08
0x61 0x40
0x62 0x14
0x63 0x43
0x64 0xA9
0x65 0x1A
0x66 0x48
0x67 0x03
0x68 0x01
0x0B 0x00
0x08 OxFF
0x0A 0X80
0x73 0XCC
0x74 0XD1
0x75 0X64
0x76 0X84
0x77 0X00
0x78 0X08
0x79 0XAE
0x7A 0XOF
0x84 0X0C
0xE3 0X80
0xC3 0X46
0xC4 0XB5
0xF4 0X3F
0x04 0X44
0x05 0X00
0x06 0X0B
0x1D 0X47
0x3A 0X20
0x3B 0X84
0x3C 0X5A
0x6B 0XC3
0x7B 0X06
0x85 0X19
0x86 0X0B
0x87 0XED
0x88 0X80
0x8A 0XD0
0x6A 0X20
0x8F 0X77
0x90 0X29
0xC5 0X01
0xC9 0X0C
0xF3 0X0F
0x0E 0X80
0x0E 0X00
0X55 0X0C
0X74 0X62
0X75 0X01
0X76 0X00
0X77 0X04
0X78 0X08
0X79 0X02
0X7A 0X00

But when checked status register 0x12, I found the chip was not detecting the input. Could anyone help me out to solve this issue?. Are those register values are proper for the required conversion? I am missing any register values? 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 7, 2021 6:39 AM


      It seems most of the configurations are different from reference one, So could you please compare your configuration with " ##CP 1080i 60Hz##
    :1080i 60Hz 1920x1080 RGB In Graphics port 30Bit 444 YPrPb Out through Encoder: " at



  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply.

      the resolution needed are mentioned below : 

    Below are the input resolutions to the ADV7403 chip:

    720x576i @ 50/25Hz(Class B)video resolution, Interlaced video input,RGB(STANAG Class B)
    720x480i @ 60/30Hz(Class C)video resolution, Interlaced video input,RGB(STANAG Class C)

    I need 16bit  YCbCr 4:2:2 as output from the chip.

    G - Ain1, B- Ain2, R-Ain3 with SOG - this is the Hardware input configuration for ADV7403.

    Is it necessary to select the Input Channels for RGB Input?  How do I select these inputs using the register setting? In the Reference manual  PRIM_MODE = 0010 is shown for Ain1,2,3 as recommended High Bandwidth Signal Routing mode.

    Also, I wanted to know, whether this is Graphics RGB or SCART RGB.   

    I checked through the different documents, but couldn't find proper register settings for my requirements. Could you please suggest register settings for the above requirements?

    Thank You.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 15, 2021 2:15 PM in reply to KBK


     To output YCbCr 4:2:2 16 bit, Please configure OF_SEL register. Refer below snap for your reference


    Is it necessary to select the Input Channels for RGB Input?

     Yes,You need to select three AIN pins for RGB input by configuring '0xC3 & 0xC4' (ADC0_SW/ADC1_SW/ADC2_SW ) registers and also please choose  PRIM_MODE configuration as '0010' G - Ain1, B- Ain2, R-Ain3 with SOG.