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Video Encoder Replacement for ADV7391

Hi Since ADV7391 is now NRND, what video dac can I use for Composite output? Goal is 768 × 576 sq pixel mode (close to 800 x 600). 1 output.

Can I use a simple solution like AD9708 with video buffer amp like ADA4430 to achieve my 75 Ohm composite from FPGA? Is there application note showing this? - Patrick

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  •  More parts have been recently marked as NRND recently.  If you read

    closely you will see it recommends a newer replacement chip if possible.  However there is no direct replacement for this part.   

    We’re still making parts but this device is on the decline side of a products life cycle.  You can make new products with them but NRND clarifies the level of support that will be available….

    In general ADI makes devices as long as they are sellable and profitable.  Watch for "Last Time Buy" notices.  This means production will stop soon.  If you use this part I'd suggest registering for LTB notices.

    Note: this is my opinion and experience, not an official statement by ADI.  Ultimately this decision is up to you.

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