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Can't RXB as ADV7626 receive 1366x768?

I asked this question before.

Can't ADV7625 receive 1366x768 at Transceiver mode (non mux mode) ?

A similar problem occurred again.

If RXB is input 1366x768, Monitor is unstable.


【CASE1】MUX and NON MUXmode doesn't matter

HDMI(1920x1080)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
HDMI(1920x1080)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※stable

【CASE2】MUX and NON MUX mode doesn't matter

HDMI(1366x768)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
HDMI(1366x768)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※unstable

【CASE3】Splitter mode①

HDMI(1366x768)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
                ・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※stable

【CASE3】SPlitter mode②

HDMI(1366x768)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※unstable
                ・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※unstable

I think that it is need to change register for display 1366x768 on the monitor steady.

Please give me some advices.

Best regard.