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Can't RXB as ADV7626 receive 1366x768?

I asked this question before.

Can't ADV7625 receive 1366x768 at Transceiver mode (non mux mode) ?

A similar problem occurred again.

If RXB is input 1366x768, Monitor is unstable.


【CASE1】MUX and NON MUXmode doesn't matter

HDMI(1920x1080)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
HDMI(1920x1080)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※stable

【CASE2】MUX and NON MUX mode doesn't matter

HDMI(1366x768)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
HDMI(1366x768)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※unstable

【CASE3】Splitter mode①

HDMI(1366x768)→RXA(RX1)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※stable
                ・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※stable

【CASE3】SPlitter mode②

HDMI(1366x768)→RXB(RX2)・・・TXA→Monitor1 ※unstable
                ・・・TXB→Monitor2 ※unstable

I think that it is need to change register for display 1366x768 on the monitor steady.

Please give me some advices.

Best regard.

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  • Dear Poornima-san,

    Thank you for your checking.

    I understood that you can't duplicate this symptom on EVB.

    Please tell us about your testing about "B0 00 register".

    What value did you set on  "B0 00" register when testing? (Which "B0 00 50 " or "B0 00 D0"  did you set?)

    "B0 00 D0"  value is Power down mode.Therefore we think that  it should set ""B0 00 50 ".

    Please tell us again about your verification register value on EVB that you did test? 

    BR Kida