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AD725 RGB to Composite Video Converter Issue

Hi !

I am using AD725 for converting RGB analog video to composite video. I am providing my personal PC output to the input pins of AD725 but the result that I am getting is 3 frames in one picture (Picture of the composite video monitor is attached).

The resolution of my system is 1024x768@60Hz. I need PAL composite video, therefore, the STND pin is grounded and the oscillator that I am using is " LFSPXO020648BULK ".

The YTRAP circuit is

similar to that is suggested by the datasheet however the part numbers that I am using are as follows

Inductor (68 uH) " 74454168 "

Capacitor (9pF) " GRM0335C1E9R0DD01D "

Capacitor (18pF) " CC0603JRNPO9BN180 "

Resistor (47kohm) " CRCW040247K0FKED "

What will be the possible reason of this three frame video ?

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