Correspondence between LVDS Port1 / Port2 of "EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ" and LVDS Port A / Port B of "ADV7613-VER.1.1c.txt"


I'm trying to get "EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ" to work with "AVES Blue".

The following script is in "ADV7613-VER.1.1c.txt" loaded by "ScriptX" of "File Menu".

In the script, the LVDS Output is "Port A", "Port B".

On the other hand, on the evaluation board, the LVDS Output is "Port 1" and "Port 2".

Is "Port A = Port 1" and "Port B = Port 2" correct for the correspondence

between the LVDS Output script and the evaluation board?

Best regards.