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ADV7611 internal EDID

Dear Analog Support,

we are experiencing some trouble getting ADV7611 internal EDID to work. Our custom board is based on the design of the official eval board. We use the register values from the ADV7611-VER.3.0c.txt. 

Already this post mentions several register settings that don't lean with the ADV7611 User Manual.

64 77 00 ; Disable the Internal EDID ==> ADV7611 shows EDID ena reg at 74, not 77


64 77 00 ; Set the Most Significant Bit of the SPA location to 0 ==> Same command as above, different behaviour?

64 52 20 ; Set the SPA for port B.  ==> ADV7611 doesn't define reg 52 in REPEATER bank

64 53 00 ; Set the SPA for port B. ==> ADV7611 doesn't define reg 53 in REPEATERbank

64 70 9E ; Set the Least Significant Byte of the SPA location  ==> ADV7611 doesn't define reg 70 in REPEATER bank

64 74 03 ; Enable the Internal EDID for Ports ==> ADV7611 only specifies b0 as EDID_A_ENABLE

I also read already these posts:

We checked also that i2c data are written byte by byte. Without sucess.

Could somebody please confirm, that the sample script files are really ok? 

Best Regards