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looking for 10 bit parallel video data to MIPI CSI 2 converting SerDes IC


We are looking for SerDes Solution that converts 10 bit parallel video data with PCLK of 8MHz to MIPI CSI 2 interface. It means serializer with input of 10 bit parallel video data->long cable->Desrializer with MIPI CSI 2 output. If there is no SerDes solution, then direct converter IC is also acceptable. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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  • Hi,

       Yes, you can give the 8 bit parallel video input using LLC / P0-P7 pins to ADV748x chipset.

        But for MIPI CSI 2 output i don't think we need HS,VS,DE input.

        Please note that, it should be required only when transmitting video data across the TMDS interface, then it is necessary to have an Hsync, Vsync, and Data Enable (DE) defined for the image